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Created by Kevin Smith, a British entrepreneur who sold his 7-figure protein bar company in 2020.

With nearly 15 years of business and investment experience, Kevin is both qualified and fired up to show you exactly how to create a lifetime of dividend-like monthly cash flow from option investing and trading.

Kevin is now an avid practitioner and teacher of the options wheel strategy, and now sells cash-secured puts and covered calls full time for a living giving him the freedom to do this from anywhere in the world.

Below is what Kevin calls, The Synthetic Dividend Portfolio, which he uses to track his own monthly dividend income from selling options, even if the stocks traded don’t even pay dividends. This is discussed more below in the free guide. 

In February 2024, booked income was over $6,765 (£5,332). This entire options selling strategy is both consistent and very repeatable.  

P.S. The booked income figure was actually around £1,000 more than the disclosure below because Kevin bought his CELH short call back, and sold the stock after it recently smashed earnings. The short put in CELH printed money too, so Kevin bought to close this for a 501% annualised return (see spreadsheet below).

synthetic dividend portfolio options selling
synthetic dividend portfolio

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I’ve created a mini-course, Options 101: A Stress-Free Duffer’s Guide, to help you understand and get on the right path to success with selling cash-secured puts and covered calls. 

This 14-page, no-fluff 3,000-word PDF contains unique insights and actionable tips to help you reach the right frame of mind when starting out trying to create an extra income stream or boost your total portfolio by 1-2% per month. 

I was originally planning to charge $29 for this e-book but decided instead to make it FREE to everyone with an interest in options selling. All I ask in return is you sign up for the Options Insights Newsletter. That’s a pretty sweet deal I would say! 

Options 101: A Stress-Free Duffer’s Guide

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Options 101: A Stress-Free Duffer’s Guide

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Selling Options: Who Are They For?

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Why do most option traders lose money? They’re up against a rigged game.Option buyers are the gamblers; option sellers profit as the house. Our strategies target 1-2% monthly gains – consistently. If you compound a £150,000 account size with 24% for 10 years you’ll be a millionaire sitting on £1.28 million.