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dividend on fire cash secured puts

Covered Calls

Master the art of covered calls to start generating monthly cash flow

dividend on fire covered calls

Cash Secured Puts

Unlock monthly income potential from cash secured puts

dividend on fire the options wheel strategy

Options Wheel Strategy

Learn how to boost your portfolio 12-24% with the Options Wheel

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Learn to acquire great companies at amazing price and/or to generate a high yield income on low risk stocks. 

dividend on fire


Hey, I’m Kevin, Founder Of This Site! 

Investing in options is not a get-rich-quick strategy.

It’s an income-oriented approach that anyone can do.

And if you like receiving dividends, you’ll LOVE receiving option premiums each month.

In fact—you can turn any stock into a dividend-paying ATM with options. 


We understand everyone learns a little differently. Here are all the different ways you can learn more about Dividend On Fire, and how we teach people to create their very own dividend-like cash flow by selling options.

Who Are Options For?

Building your nest egg? Seeking growth without excess risk? You also realize that no independent financial advisor cares more about your money than you do. It’s time to take control of your financial destiny. Discover a simple proven trading style for steady income and growth. Live life on your terms. Act now.

Your money is vital. Ensure your savings last for your golden years. Enjoy your retirement with peace of mind. Age is no barrier to growth and learning new skills. Our strategies are easy to learn and yield income and growth for you to enjoy. Learn at your pace – we’re here to guide you.

The world’s elite investors trust these winning option strategies. Experts like Warren Buffett and Carl Icahn, Cuban use these proven option trading methods and have done for decades. Trade with predictability and treat your option trading as a successful business, your business. 

Why do most option traders lose money? They’re up against a rigged game.Option buyers are the gamblers; option sellers profit as the house. Our strategies target 1-2% monthly gains – consistently. If you compound a £150,000 account size with 24% for 10 years you’ll be a millionaire sitting on £1.28 million. 


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  • Techniques on how you can harness options to be a better dividend growth investor, or high yield income investor.
  • Timely write-ups on real-world options trades (the good and the bad) that illustrate the core option trading principles I advocate including how I repair the trades that misbehave. 

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