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Options Selling Products

Goals – Continuously acquire outstanding companies at attractive prices and/or generate substantial income from low-risk stocks.

Methodology – Achieved through the implementation of a sequence or strategy of inherently low-risk option tactics, capitalizing on the inherent volatility (fluctuations) in a stock’s share price, without taking on excessive risk. These strategically advantageous trades generate option income, serving as rebates on current holdings, discounts for future acquisitions, and/or a significant source of high-yield income.

Learn how to do this and more inside the Options Selling Roadmap course.

Manage your trades like a pro, discover the art of maintaining a precise profit and loss statement, track your adjusted cost basis diligently, and consistently record your monthly cash flow derived from received options premiums. 

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Learn about market structure, candlestick patterns, and trend trading. Learn more ==> 

Get a robust overview of how to sell options to generate monthly cash flow and boost your portfolio 12-24% a year. 

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Free Calculators

Use it to manage your cash secured put trades profitably. Link here

We created this simple covered call calculator to help manage your trades. 

Learn about OTM, ITM, and ATM put options with our moneyness calculator. 

Learn about ITM, OTM and ATM covered calls with our moneyness covered call calculator. 

Use our simple compound interest calculator to see how your savings or investment portfolio might grow over time using the power of compound interest.